10 June 2015

07 November 2013

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn...

Holiday Inn, props to the photographer for this wonderful pic.. Love the coffee shop downstairs, great place to work from.

16 October 2013

10 August 2013

Demolition of Old Buildings at Samora Av.

Down with the old, up with the new. Finally after years of being abandon yet used by small businesses, these building have finally met its match today!! What was once a highlight street in Dar is slowly getting uplifted with new and modern structures!!

Pic courtesy of @itwit_tweets 

08 July 2013

Barack Obama Drive

Formerly known as ocean drive, President Barack Obama came to Dar,and this part was named after him!! Perks of being a world president, shit get named after you!!

08 June 2013

Dar Rising - City Center

Picture courtesy of @bongozm from Instagram 

Let There Be Light In Masaki

Finally good news in Masaki. After Mikocheni got their street lights years ago Masaki just got brighter! And this time in the form of solar powered lights. All impressive I say, but on the contrary I see a different side to the story!! Great target practice for drunk drivers too!!


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