22 October 2016

Why Vodacom Why??

Are telecom companies out here to get me?? Like seriously..

I walk in a Vodashop in Oysterbay, it was 20min till closing time, and I had this urge of trying out their 4g internet... like a serious rash that has been screaming my name to scratch the shit out of it. So I walk into the store, I see a couple of people inside, some in uniform the rest aren't. two of the staff were behind the counter and they were the ones in uniform, other three staff were in normal clothing...

Back to the story, so i walk in, and looked around for a second no one bats an eye, they all continue their conversations.... the clerks who didn't have a customer all just looked at me for a second and went on with their business. A few more seconds pass by, i see what i came to get, the modems. Now as a person who just walked in, standing next to the products, these f@#$ers just looked at me, like I was one of them and no one even cared to ask me if they could help me.

I don't know how much those modems cost, but its not like i don't have any modems with me, I have so many, i have a brand new router i got early this year and still haven't even opened the box yet.
I literally had the "spur the moment type of thing, and just wanted to buy a vodacom modem. but these little F$%^ers were such great c&^ts  that if I probably had a gun, would have managed to fire a few rounds before I could get their bloody attention.

SO much for the great customer care!! you can keep ur slow ass 4G modem, TTCL is way better by far... and now I'm going to keep recommending TTCL over vodacom to anyone who is thinking of getting a new modem.

13 August 2016

Airtel WTF!!

In today's world, internet is a necessity. Its important, like electricity. From the moment I wake up till the minute I turn the light off, I rely heavily on the internet. over the years, i have become more dependent on the internet than anything else. for instance, just last Thursday, i wanted to make poached eggs, just a quick search, presto!! I was a proud chef and my stomach was appreciative. All thanks to the invisible powerful force that connects me to the world. I get sick, first thing I do is search the symptoms online, just to make sure its not that fatal... I'm lost can't find direction, guess what the internet knows where I am, all I have to do is ask to point me to the right direction.

And there are many more millions of examples i can mention, but that's not the point. The point here today is AIRTEL. You see, what connects me to the internet is AIRTEL. It is my gateway. Its the door keeper. there are many more door keepers out there, but i chose Airtel. I've been with airtel since the days of tritel, zain and all... but today... today they have just opened their claws and attacked the shit out of me.

As I've mentioned, my day to day life involves heavily being online. and Airtel being the only gate keepers, have decided to FUCK me up. Literally!!! All my life I've used one phone. that phone is what I do everything with. I can even remember my first mobile phone, it was a Siemens C25, very handy high tech piece of equipment back in 2001. and since then, I've been changing handsets, but never changed the line. I am even a proud card holder of their royalty cards. thats how loyal I am. until this point I'm considering of getting a new line.

Now that you understand the background, fast forward from 2001 to august 2016. still having one mobile handset, that's always connected to the internet, and i mean ALWAYS, and if i want to use my laptop, i just tether the network and presto, just like that, I'm online on my laptop using my phone. having my phone with me is big deal... and i fancy myself being able to stay connected with just one device. whether i want to watch videos on YouTube or upload my own YouTube videos (checkout WDMD - What Did Magufuli Do) i simply connect my phone to my laptop and i can enjoy what the internet has to offer!! or play games on my PS4... you get the drift!

So early this evening, i have no idea why on a beautiful Friday like this Airtel has decided to HIKE their prices. just 4 days earlier i pay 9,000 Tsh (around 4USD) for 6GB of data. that's pretty pricey but i was happy with that. i get 6 gigs and 400MB of YouTube streaming (which i don't give a shit) my happiness lies in the 6 gigs i pay for with just 9,000 shillings. and it has been done so for months... I chose this bundle because it suited my needs. at any given moment in my day or week i can have 10,000 worth of credit in my wallet, hence even when the bundle is finished, i can easily recharge and be back online.

so these damn thieves of the 21st century have decided that the new price point for such a heavy user like myself should be as follows, for 10,000Tsh i get 2.5Gb and 400Mb worth of YouTube streaming. i mean WTF!!! how the fuck did we get from 6 to 2.5??  LIKE WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. WHAT THE FUCKIDY FUCK IS GOING ON.


And also to top it all off, recently each time I tether my internet connection to my laptop Airtel finds it a great time to put me on Edge. On Edge. Already you have the worst 3g internet in tz. And you still put me on edge (pun intended). like WTF. Voda and the rest are probably laughing at my black ass right now for using an inferior network and still being charged huge amounts for it. That's it. Vodacom, I'm coming to shop for internet. see you soon.

28 August 2015

Dar Rising

Twin towers of Dar. Pictures courtesy of Sohail @sohail_shl

11 August 2015

QoW: Ukipenda Chips Usiogope Mimba

Probably the best reference to the saying "sidanganyikii" 
This just made my day. 

10 June 2015

07 November 2013

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn...

Holiday Inn, props to the photographer for this wonderful pic.. Love the coffee shop downstairs, great place to work from.

16 October 2013


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